LOS ANGELES I'M YOURS, October 1, 2012

"Devon Tsuno’s Nature"
by Kyle Fitzpatrick

We figured it would be slightly fitting on the first day of October to have some nature, almost Autumn-in-LA art pieces to share. Devin Tsuno is an artist and LA native who is currently working within these mixed media pieces that are a combination of paint, acrylic, and handmade paper. They represent semi-tropical nature in subdued bright colors and hint toward a city like Los Angeles’ influence on its natural surrounding.

Tsuno’s pieces are part imagery collage, part endlessly layered forest. He uses spray paint and acrylic to paint these trees and lines (which appear to be the influence of architecture) that are done on Japanese and Indian papers. The paper part is the most brilliant as they are really delicate and beautiful. It’s almost as if he manipulates them to add another literal layering effect to conceal the landscapes he’s made. This technique obviously is wonderful for showing trees growing on top of trees and more trees in his Horticulture. It also works well for his Water works as well.

Tsuno has definitely stumbled onto something and is tapping into various cultural artistic practices as he is honoring (or lamenting?) Southern California’s nature. Regardless, it’s beautiful and we love it. Check out more of his work .

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