Multitude Room at Art Merge Lab
September 18 - November 8, 2014

Art Merge Lab proudly presents Reclaimed Water by Devon Tsuno, which inaugurates our “Multitude Room,” a project devoted to exploratory artist installations and projects. Often strikingly colorful, bold and graphic, Reclaimed Water comprises paintings, and wallpaper installation by the notable artist, Devon Tsuno. This new series of work finds the artist, a Los Angeles native, observing and documenting the always-precarious issue of water in the city. Focused on the few bodies of water this arid region has to offer, such as the Los Angeles River, now fed by reclaimed sewage water, Tsuno explores the “man-made nature” of this desert city, and the way our natural waterways, reservoirs and water recreation areas have been used, re-imagined, and contested over time.

Reclaimed Water centers around an installation of the artist’s colorful wallpaper work, depicting abstracted patterns based on water streams and currents. Over the artist wallpaper will be hung black and white works by Tsuno in acrylic and spray paint that further delve into water conservation, reclamation and recreation. Additionally, black and white paintings on paper will compliment the wallpaper and painting installation.

Known as a colorist, the black and white works add another dimension Tsuno’s restless and evolving practice. As Tsuno describes it, his practice, “recalls a city organism composed of intense color and beautifully controlled concrete, with space and light, well integrated, but often interdicted by violently unexpected layers of vegetation and water. These modes of observation, process, recollection, and criticism, dictate how I choose to work. It is living in the world of Los Angeles that interests me.”

Art Merge Lab / Multitude Room
Pacific Design Center
8687 Melrose Avenue B257
Los Angeles, CA 90069